How does a clicker press cutting machine work

A clicker press is die cutting machine that used for cutting shapes out of rolls of soft material .It is widely used in many industry: shoes, leather goods,gaskets, foam, rubber, plastics, vacuum formings, textiles, carpet tiles, seating, paper, packaging, envelopes, plastic and credit cards, insulation, belts, bags, luggage, medical products, toys, hats etc.,

How does a clicker press cutting machine works

The first using clicker press was in 1800s which one of shoe manufacturer want to use one machine to instead hand cut .So they think if could use one die (mold:sharp steel knife) to cut out leather shoe parts. It is so easy and without any error when cutting. later this clicking machine were soon used into many industries.

Now the following is How a clicker press cutting machine works :

1)Just simply place the sheet of leather material onto the cutting pad attached to the base of press.

2)Position the formed cutting die, cycle the two-hand push button controls,so the beam descends under hydraulic pressure .

3)Die cuts the shape by the cutting die mold .

4) The beam returns to the desired height setting

5) Move the beam away (left or right) ,Position the formed cutting die again for next cutting.