How to choose die cutting presses

Zhicheng Machinery is the leading manufacturer of die cutting presses in China, since 1996. 

"Zhicheng" brand  die cutting presses including:

Swing arm clicker presses; Travel head cutting presses; Beam presses; Automatic die cutting presses; CNC travel head die cutting presses, etc.

Due to many cutomers don't know which kind of die cutting presses for their production. 

Now here Zhicheng would like to recommend below tips for choosing the die cutting presses,

1) Must know the raw material type you want to die punch;

2) The raw material size; thickness. Its in roll or in sheet?

3) The punch out/cut out material size?

4) Die cutting mold size. To be exactly, the total cutting line length of the mold.

( It's important information to calculate the required cutting pressure of the machine.

5) Production capacity.

6) Die cutting presses should be in manual type, or automatic type, CNC type? 

7) The material should be manual feed or automatic feed?

Hope above information will help the customer organize the information for inquiry.

If not understanding above tips, welcome to contact Zhicheng for advice. Thanks very much.